Double Linen Hamper

Double Linen Hamper (HL-LH142W3/HL-LH142FW3)

Product Code: HL-LH142W3/HL-LH142FW3
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Available Options

* Fabric:

* Lid Lift Foot Pedal:

* Insert Liner Bags:

* Linen Cart Bag (attaches to handles):

* Replacement Mesh Hamper Bag:

​ 42" Long x 23" Wide x 36" High
​​ Front Panel Open for Easy Removal
​​ Standard Mesh Bag Included
​​ Floor Plate Included to Support Heavy Loads
​​ For Use with 33 Gallon Plastic Bags
​​ Includes Wire Hanger
​​ Options (Foot Pedal-lifts lid HL-142FW3)

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